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About Betsy Megalos

Her Mission

Increase nature awareness, the connection to and stewardship with the earth and sustainable, edible landscapes through gardening.


An inquisitive gardener since childhood, Betsy grew up in rural Pa where her relatives still farm sustainably. She has received a BS in Horticulture from the Pennsylvania State University and a MS in Horticultural Science from North Carolina State University.    Here she specialized in plant breeding and genetics of flowering plants and small Fruits.   She developed the first Native American garden for Town Creek Indian Mound Historic Site, and now enjoys her own edible front yard.  


Insatiable curiosity for the natural world, Betsy spent her early years in the fields, farms and outdoor wilds surrounding her agrarian hometown.  There she observed the interactions of soil, water and plants with insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.  She has enjoyed applying these skills with jobs in Honeybee behavior, integrated pest management and numerous natural science arenas.  Formal studies in entomology, zoology, animal science, human development and outdoor survival have widened her knowledge.

Instructor and Speaker

Her joy of discovery and teaching skills have aided her development and instruction of unique horticulture and natural science programs for many institutions, including the Wake Tech Community College, The City of Sunbury, the Town of Cary, the NC Museum of Natural Science and  State 4-H programs.   Betsy has also enjoyed being a graduate assistant instructor for Plant Propagation Labs and Landscape Horticulture Design at NCSU. 

Local and sustainable approach to life.

Waste not want not is a mantra handed down to Betsy from her practical Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors and frugal Scotch-Irish Grandfather.   Megalos Gardens is one attempt to move towards a sustainable lifestyle in the heart of the suburbs.


Megalos Gardens