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Betsy\'s Links for more Garden Info

BETSY'S FAVORITE PICS FOR SEED, GARDEN INFO, PLANT MATERIALS AND MORE!  --  DAVES GARDEN-  a one stop site to search for available sources for any plant variety plus reviews of garden suppliers The North Carolina cooperative Extension service resource website-  topics on any aspect of food, gardening, production and more! -  Source for italian Heirloom vegetables, herbs and garlic - this is the online catalog for the USA Distributor for the Italian based seed company  in business for over 200 years!  since 1917, Americas oldest asian seed catalog .  Excellent quality and purity seed. in seed catalog bussiness since 1886-  dedicated to breeding, testing , quality and seed purity.  Excellent customer service.  Nationwide varieties plus as it is now based in SC, also has many plants and seed particularly adapted to warmer  climates - NC family based mail-order source for REAL TEA SHRUBS!  


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